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Image by Rick van der Haar

Lowly & Dash

Lowly & Dash

Lowly & Dash opened its doors in 2022, and has been providing great products and services ever since. What sets us apart from the rest is our ability to link niche interests like composting and butter appreciation, identifying better ways to use dairy farming and vermicomposting in arid environments to promote soil regeneration. 

Our brands include The Soil Project (simple, discrete, indoor vermicomposting) and The International Butter Club (a place for butter enthusiasts to share their love of butter and traditional fats). Though they may not appear to be linked, soils with worm activity are healthier and more productive than soils without. Healthier soils produce better forage that in turn nourish the animals living on them. Healthier animals mean better quality dairy and traditional fats, better tasting nutritious food, and a better health for the humans who depend on them. 

Together, the lowly worm and the dashing of the plunger in the butter churn come together to form an unconventional and mutually beneficial partnership. 

Image by Gary Ellis

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